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Florida Golf course grounds keepers, Commercial Property managers and Home Owners Associations all know the value of a well maintained shoreline and the need for erosion repair and erosion control. At American Shoreline Restoration we also know that maintaining the aesthetics and landscaping on your property is also a priority. Your Lake or pond builds up silt and debris over time which will encourage weeds to build up. A combination of dredging and bank stabilization may necessary to correct and prevent further erosion. America Shoreline Restoration offers a non-invasive, cost-effective installation of our Geotec-Tube system can restore your Lake, canal or pond shoreline.

American Shoreline Restoration provides the lowest cost of all erosion repair options, tested & proven for over 20 years, providing the benefits of; reclaiming lost property, increasing property values, is environmentally responsible, adds excellent aesthetic quality, all work is performed from the water, and no heavy equipment used and Cleans debris from lake bottom.

Geotec Tube combines the strength and durability of textile materials with the stability of compressed soil for superior erosion control and erosion restoration.

American Shoreline Restoration has earned the leadership role in the Geotec Tube installation industry by giving attention to detail on every project and achieving 100% customer satisfaction. ASR meets, and in many cases exceeds, the required specs for shoreline maintenance established in 1993 by the State of Florida Water Districts. We invite you to meet our growing sales force, "call for references

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Even if you’re unfamiliar with American Shoreline Restoration, chances are you know us through some of our clients. Through our Lake Manage and erosion control services we have built lasting relationships with many of South Florida’s leading communities, and are proud to have played a role in making the shoreline of each HOA community an aesthetically pleasing lake pond or waterway park in many gated community's.

It is our privilege at American Shoreline Restoration to manage some of the most prestigious community associations in America.

Erosion Control with Geotec Tube and superior technique reinforces our polypropylene geotextile that has been engineered specifically for shoreline erosion control. Our geotextile technology offers an affordable solution for dealing with shoreline restoration, erosion control, land stabilization and environmental preservation. Working on the basic principle of containment, dewatering and consolidation, the Geotec Tube stabilizes the underlying shoreline and creates a barrier against further erosion. Our eco-friendly geotextile tube technology restores your shoreline to its original condition while increasing soil stability, promoting drainage, and providing long lasting erosion control.

Our erosion restoration techniques involve recycling sand and organic material from the adjacent body of water. This removes the need to bring in costly material and the potential of damage caused by heavy equipment. Once the shoreline has been completely restored any type of foliage can be planted and it can be safely walked on or driven on by machinery. Erosion restoration will design and create the perfect landscape that you desire!

Every year, erosion causes millions of dollars worth of damage to the shorelines of public and private properties. Without adequate protection, this degrading land can cause very significant and costly damage. So please browse our site and learn about how Erosion Restoration can restore your properties natural charm and prevent further erosion.

HOA's, golf course superintendents, lake managers, and government agencies that are eager to improve their lakes and shorelines while controlling expenses have found the Geotec Tube to be the perfect solution. With current budgets being tighter than ever, the Geotec Tube has proved to be the most cost effective method of erosion renovations while providing the greatest natural aesthetics.

Erosion Control Geotec Tube



Our shoreline restoration technique involves recycling sand and organic material from the adjacent body of water. This removes the need to bring in costly material and the potential of damage caused by heavy equipment. Once the shoreline erosion has been completely restored any type of foliage can be planted and it can be safely walked on or driven on by machinery. Our Erosion restoration team will design and create the perfect landscape that you desire!

Our shoreline erosion repair & control experts can help!

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Every year, erosion causes millions of dollars worth of damage to the shorelines of public and private properties. Without adequate protection, this degrading land can cause very significant and costly damage. So please browse our site and learn about how Erosion Restoration service can restore your properties natural charm and prevent further erosion.

Our Erosion Control Expertise:

Create a usable shoreline repair & control erosion

The shoreline, where water meets land, is where your waterfront property is most susceptible to erosive forces. Erosion is a natural process that causes a gradual wearing away of land surfaces by water, ice and wind. Erosion can cause slumping, surface runoff, silt deposits, and if left unchecked, major property and building damage. Protect your shoreline by understanding the value of the “buffer zone”.

Alterations to your natural shoreline i.e. removal of rocks, trees, and other live and fallen vegetation, puts your buffer area at risk of becoming an “erosion zone”. Being aware of erosion risks and taking appropriate action will better arm you to safeguard your property, and protect your pocketbook.

1. Riparian areas are the narrow strips of land located along marine and freshwater shorelines, whether they are located along oceans, estuaries, lakes, reservoirs, wetlands, ponds, canals, sloughs, wooded draws, rivers, streams, creeks. They also include the sides of dry-bottomed gullies where sub-surface moisture is present, and even human-made drainage ditches. These areas are also often transition zones - the “vital edges” where land and water meet to create unique and often highly productive ecosystems.

2. For most erosion problems, and particularly for extreme ones, we recommend that you retain our professional services for a consultant to analyze your problem and offer sound solutions. We are familiar with “soft-shore protection”, also called “soft armouring” or “bio-engineering”. Even if your problem is fairly minor at the moment it will be worth the cost of a consultation to avoid the devaluation of your real estate or allowing your shoreline to become un-useable. Don't try to design shore protection yourself. Choosing the wrong approach can be an expensive and sometimes damaging mistake! It can backfire on you (or your neighbors), possibly damage fish or wildlife habitat -- and even result in fines!

3. Use Geotec Tube - Geotec Tube Erosion Control system to control or repair erosion from boat wakes,wind and rain. You can post a sign which indicates the shoreline is being restored and asks people to reduce their speed and wake to help maintain fish habitat. In addition, you may want to use several buoys to keep passing boats at a distance. It is helpful to leave driftwood, rocks and pants in place along the shoreline to absorb the wave energy. You can consider adding these sorts of materials along the waterfront and using them to mulch amongst your shrubs with rocks, driftwood, or branches. Securing a log to the shoreline or anchoring it slightly offshore will also help to break the force of the waves.

If you have an actively eroding shoreline, you will need to consider the Geotec Tube Erosion Control system material it allows water to seep through, yet stops sand, rock and soils from passing through. This characteristic along with very high tensile strength, provides for the ideal material for the Geotec Tube Erosion Control system application. The tube is interconnected along the shoreline, then a small sand pump is used to fill the tube with the same sand and organic material that has been eroding into the lake or canal. The final result is a long lasting fully contained sand filter barrier that will stabilize the bank from erosion and filter rainwater and irrigation run off. The Geotec Tube erosion barrier can be installed on any shoreline contour or stacked pyramid fashion to create a more substantial barrier to protect against soil erosion during heavy rains. Once the Geotec Tube is sodded, the durability and life span is unlimited. Shoreline restoration is easy to obtain and erosion control has never been more simple. An added benefit is the additional depth off shore for boating and fishing and general use of your water front.

4. Deep rooted vegetation such as tall grasses, shrubs, and trees, and aquatic vegetation such as reeds or cattails (freshwater) and eelgrass (saltwater), help “buffer” the shoreline. By reducing the energy of waves and currents, the buffer zone protects your shoreline from erosion. Vegetation covering your property, including in the buffer zone, provides protection from erosion damage caused by surface drainage. Because shoreline properties are on the receiving end of uphill drainage, this is a common problem; the more cover, the better for you. If properly established and maintained, a buffer zone can:

remove up to 50 percent or more of fertilizer chemicals and pesticides
remove up to 60 percent or more of some bacteria
remove up to 75 percent or more of sediment (soil particles)

Vegetation, logs and rocks along the shoreline also slow down flood waters, reducing damage to your property. In addition, these shoreline plants increase the soil's ability to absorb water, which reduces the negative impact of flooding.

5. Sometimes when we buy waterfront property with a natural shoreline, we think that we need to put in a retaining wall or bulkhead to reinforce and protect the shoreline from eroding in the future. Unfortunately, this usually helps create the very problem that we fear! As well as interfering with currents along the shore and contributing to erosion, “hardened” shorelines also eliminate the filtering qualities of a natural shoreline, degrade water quality, destroy habitat for fish and wildlife, block wildlife access to and from the water, and beaches.

If you are considering installing a retaining wall along your shoreline to create a flat “usable space” for outdoor furniture like patio chairs and tables, explore some alternate ways of obtaining usable outdoor space for your recreational activities. For example, a firepit close to your house may provide you and your family with many hours of enjoyable evening activity. Or, a couple of hammocks under a shady tree in your yard may provide you with more entertainment than an area close to the water's edge. If you are considering installing a shore wall to deal with shoreline erosion, obtain the advice of a professional who specializes in “shoreline restoration”.

6. If your shoreline has been hardened with rock or a retaining wall, there are some simple things you can do to “soften” it: Restore or plant deep-rooted vegetation along the strip leading to the retaining wall; this will help buffer surface water from runoff and reduce the risk of erosion by holding the soil together. Plant overhanging native shrubs to help keep water cool. You can also drill planting holes from the side and plant cuttings or container plants. In rip rap, plant shrubs in open spaces among the rocks.

Anchor a log or two at the base of a retaining wall to improve wildlife habitat and help break the force of water. This will help reduce the scouring action of waves breaking against the wall. With approvals, you can add Geotec Tubes to the base of a retaining wall at a 45 degree angle, to help break the force of waves and improve habitat for fish and wildlife. Gradually sediment may start to deposit and aquatic plants may grow.
Shore “ladders” of rip rap from the base of the wall to the top may be feasible for some walls, again with appropriate approvals from DFO or relevant ministries in your province. These will help provide wildlife (such as amphibians) access from the water to the land.

If your retaining wall is beginning to crumble, consider replacing it with a more shore-friendly structure. However, this must be done without causing further disturbance to your shoreline. Obtain professional advice and obtain approvals from DFO and relevant ministries in your province. Here are the basic steps to “retiring” a retaining wall:

Dig it out: Get in behind the wall to remove the supporting backfill and then grade to a new slope of 25°; or less. Clothe it: Lay geotec tube on the slope to hold the soil in place.
Remove the wall: Ideally, the wall would be physically removed; however, if this is infeasible, break the wall into pieces to lie on the slope. Finally, smash it into smaller pieces of concrete rubble for removal.
Revegetate: Plant woody vines or shrubs, gradually these will grow and look more like a natural shoreline than the vertical structure that was there. The new structure dissipates the energy of waves and currents.



Tips For Shoreline Erosion Control & Erosion Repair

It’s important to understand what erosion restoration is, but it may be even more critical to find out ways to prevent it. Of course there are certain things mother nature will bring that are inevitable but we must do what we can to prevent devastation and destruction. In this case, prevent our shorelines from erosion and losing land. When erosion first starts to occur, the land loss is minimal in most cases and there is no sudden emergency for stopping it. However, it will inevitably worsen through time and eventually what was once only 6” of lost land, turns into 6’! Without Erosion Control properties that have such severe erosion that their home could potentially sink down.

Erosion, being the cause of the reactions between wind and water, will eventually eat away at any shoreline but there are some things we can do to control erosion. The following are 7 steps that can be helpful in preventing soil erosion according to

1. Control soil erosion by planting vegetation, trees, ground cover, shrubs and other plants. Roots from these plants will help hold soil in place on the ground. Soil will not blow away due to wind, or be washed away from rain as easily.

2. Create windbreaks, which are barrier rows planted along the windward exposure of a plot of land. Windbreaks made out of trees, such as evergreen trees or bushes help prevent erosion by preventing wind from blowing across your land.

3. Grow cover crops on farm land. When land is not being used during the off season, cover crops can help prevent soil erosion due to wind and rain. Legumes (beans) are often used as cover crops.

4. Apply mulch to retain moisture and also help prevent soil erosion. Topsoil is not as likely to be washed or blown away when it is covered by mulch. Mulch is often used in flower beds.

5. Construct surface runoff barriers, such as edging made of bricks or stones, can help prevent soil erosion by minimizing runoff. If runoff is minimized, soil is less likely to be carried away by groundwater runoff.

6. Use contour farming when farming on sloped areas. This conservation technique is to follow the actual topography of a slope when planting crops. Using the natural lay of the land in this way can also prevent soil erosion.

7. Try terrace farming and gardening to decrease groundwater runoff. Create nearly level layers of crops on a hillside.

These steps are just some basic tips that can help better understand how to stabilize the soil. There are much more durable erosion control methods such as the Geotec Tube which not only returns your shoreline to its original state, but it prevents further erosion. (please see the “our system” section for more information.)

Other Links to some interesting articles on preventing erosion: resources/components/DD6946g.html


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